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We love this tune at FA,,,,,,,,,,,

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James Kalm visits DRIPPY at Famous Accountants!

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We had an awesome visit with James Kalm!
Check out the video here.

Be sure to catch Drippy – there are just a couple of short weeks left.
We’ll be open this Sunday from 1-6pm. The closing reception is Saturday, January 16th from 6-10 pm and the final day of the show is Sunday, January 17th. *Be sure to stop by for a special surprise at the end of the day.

DRIPPY Closing Party: January 16th, 2010

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Famous Accountants Art Gallery is pleased to announce a Closing Reception for their second show: DRIPPY on Saturday, January 16th 2010 from 6-10pm.

DRIPPY is a collaborative project-type show created by Ben Godward and Famous Accountants (Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan). It was made on-site, in the Famous Accountants dungeon. Each of the artists played his/her part, like a band. The parts combine to form a whole but also remain distinct. Famous Accountants is pounding out the beat (the blood dripping down the walls) and Ben Godward, like Diamanda Galas, is wailing like a banshee on top of that, spilling his guts all over the floor. Awesome.

Please join us at the closing reception:
Saturday, January 16, 6-10pm.
Refreshments will be served.

DRIPPY’s last day:
Sunday, January 17.
*Be there for an EOD surprise.

1673 Gates Avenue, Bushwick, NY.

Overheard at the Opening Reception of Drippy

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DRIPPY, photo by Jessica Ralli

THANK YOU! to all who came out for the opening reception of our second show DRIPPY featuring Ben Godward, Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan!

We overheard some great quotes about the show:

“Where Willy Wonka came to die”

“Care Bears barfed all over the place”

“Clown massacre”


We had a fantastic time on Saturday and we’re looking forward to seeing more of you on Sundays from 1-6 and at our closing party in January (TBD).

Closing Reception for Twenty-Three: This Sunday, Nov. 22!

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It’s been a long-ass week at the end of one hell-of-a year. Please come join us for some art, artists, cookies and beers on Sunday to celebrate the closing of our first show, Twenty-Three!

Famous Accountants is pleased to announce a closing reception for their inaugural exhibit “Twenty-Three” on Sunday, November 22, 2009 from 4-7PM. There will be drinks & snacks (and coffee and talking) and we’d love to see you!

Famous Accountants (described by Hyperallergic as “Pocket Utopia’s underground stepchild“) is a shared work/studio and gallery space in Greater Bushwick run by artists Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan. Their concept for the space is “gallery as sketchbook.” Their inspiration for opening Famous Accountants is  Austin Thomas and her concept of the perch. Thomas ran the recently-closed Pocket Utopia: “a relational exhibition, salon and social space” housed in a renovated storefront space on Flushing Avenue.

The inaugural show, “Twenty-Three” features work by both Letcher and Regan. Over the course of 2 months, the two artists visited the studio separately and together, composing a dialogue of works. The show features a combination of previous pieces as well as site-specific collages, found images, words and objects.

Famous Accountants
1673 Gates Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Open Sundays from 1-6PM and by appointment.

BushwickBK on Twenty-Three : Meaning is Inevitable

TV Party: One Down, Millions to Go

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Everyone’s favorite accountants had a sweet set-up for TV Party #1 last night.

Thanks to all who came out!

We watched Fischli and Weiss’ The Way Things Go about 15 times through. It continued to get more awesome as the night went on.

Good art, good people, super art film, and cheap beers. Can’t beat it.

More to come…

Check out the Flickr set from last night.

Sundays at Famous Accountants

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photo(6) We had such a lovely Sunday at Famous Accountants yesterday!

Thanks to all who came out – it was such a pleasure.

Please visit us every Sunday from 1-6PM.

Upcoming Events:

TV Party #1 on Wednesday, November 18, 8-11pm.

Closing Reception  for “Twenty-Three” on Sunday, November 22, 4-7PM.

This Weekend: Kevin Regan Shows at Fortress to Solitude

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FtS Famous Accountant’s very own Kevin Regan will be exhibiting in Fortress to Solitude‘s Portrait Show! The opening reception will be Friday, November 6th, 6-10PM.

Participating artists:

Mauricio Alejo, Jonathan Allen, Lucas Blalock, Phong Bui, Katie Commodore, Claudia Cortes , Peter Dobill , Glen Fogel, Karen Heagle, Andrew Hurst, Barney Kulok, Anne Kunsemiller, Christopher Lee, Loren Munk, Anthony Patti, William Powhida, Don Pedro Pablo, Kevin Regan, Tom Sanford, Ash Sechler, Alfred Steiner, Pablo Tauler, Cibele Vieira

Curated by Guillermo Creus

Though it is generally considered to be a formal, traditional and relatively staid artistic practice, portraiture nevertheless maintains some presence in the production of these twenty three young New York artists. In the prime examples that comprise this exhibition, these artists explore both the boundaries of portraiture – redefining it based on principles of representation and the question of how identities are constructed – as well as investigate its essence, its relationship to history and its relevance for contemporary art.

For more information visit: http://www.fortresstosolitude.com

We’re gonna have a TV Party tonight! (Actually, November 18th)

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tv party1We’re gonna have a TV Party tonight! We’re gonna have a TV Party tonight! We’ve got nothing better to do than watch TV and have a couple of brews. And all our friends are gonna hang out with us at Famous Accountants tonight. Alright!

TV Party is an opportunity to drink beer and hang out. It’s about the pleasures of hanging out and drinking cheap beer, sir. In order to give the event a veneer of seriousness and credibility selections of avant-garde film and video from Kevin Regan’s personal collection will be presented as background noise.

For TV Party #1 Fischli and Weiss’ The Way Things Go (1987) will be on the TV, selected in honor of the fact that they were declared the 19th most powerful players in the art world by Art Review. We would also like to mention that The Way Things Go (purchased by Mr. Regan from the dollar bin at an HMV before their bankruptcy) is one of the only works of art we’ve ever seen attract and hold a crowd at MOMA. When we saw it there, on the second floor, it had a large crowd watching in rapt attention.

TV Party #1: Wednesday, November 18. 8-11PM

Famous Accountants, 1673 Gates Ave.

TV party will be an ongoing event.