Famous Accountants

What is Famous Accountants?

Famous Accountants was invented by Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan. It doesn’t really give a shit about the “art world” (whatever that is). It’s an experiment in using the gallery as a sketchbook. We’re not entirely sure what that means. It’s both a space and blog. The space is within walking distance of where we live — ‘cus we just want be Bushwick townies (but Famous Accountants is actually one block into Ridgewood). And the blog? What’s a blog?

Manifestos are so 20th Century. If you insist on a manifesto then here, read this: “The Abolition of Work”.

Famous artists are like famous accountants. Nobody knows who they are! In the art world you’re famous if 23 people know who you are.

Anna D’Agrosa is our intern (and director and PR agent). If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t get anything done.

Contact us here: famousaccountants@gmail.com

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