Famous Accountants

Tunneling press…

Posted in Tunneling by kvnrgn on September 3, 2010

The reception for Tunneling has been nothing short of amazing.

  1. Untitled review in Art in America, by Sarah Schmerler
  2. “Tunneling Through Famous Accountants”, by Hrag Vartanian, for Hyperallergic
  3. James Kalm’s report on Tunneling
  4. “Tunneling in Bushwick: Group Show at Famous Accountants”, by Emmy Thelander, for The Artblog
  5. “Famous Accountants Tunnel Deeper”, by Paul Cox, for BushwickBK
  6. Tunneling for Treasure in Bushwick”, by Benjamin Sutton, for L Magazine

Mucho congratulations to the curator, Will Pappenheimer, and all the amazing and wonderful artists in the show: Rico Gatson, Meg Hitchcock, Cooper Holoweski, Takuji Kogo, Luke Murphy, Irvin Morazen, Jen Schwarting, Mark Skwarek and Joseph Hocking, Susanna Starr, Virta-Flaneurazine.


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