Famous Accountants

“Antennas of the Race…”

Posted in Noise by kvnrgn on January 12, 2010

I don’t know why but, for some reason, I thought it wasn’t published… “Antennas of the Race: Kevin Regan vs. Radek Szczesny” was done for FreeWilliamsburg in conjunction with the Bushwick Biennial. It was a bunch of fun doing studio visits with Radek. First we drank beer at his studio and then at mine. The recorded discussion was done via email in the days after that. Actually I really like this conversation. I mention some things I have not been thinking about much recently. I especially like the bit about “negative self-transcendence.” What I meant was something akin to falling into ones self. I wonder if I should save this. It will probably eventually disappear from their servers. Although I guess I have what we sent them somewhere…

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