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Pocket Utopia, Take 2: We Love Austin Thomas

Posted in Information by internanna on October 23, 2009

puAustin Thomas’ PU continues in a new form:

After closing the exhibition space at 1037 Flushing Avenue, in Bushwick, Pocket Utopia is initiating a publishing venture called PU Press and a school–based on the Black Mountain College model–Pocket U.

Pocket Utopia is working with Famous Accountants, Kris Graves Projects and Norte Maar. The Art Stumbles walking tours offer up food for thought, refreshments and refreshing perspectives on the art geography of a particular place.

Through zines, tours, exhibitions of the community of “Pocket Utopians” and collaborations with other pocket-utopian cultural movements, artists will continue art and world-making. Stay tuned and keep in touch.

Check out Pocket Utopia.

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  1. internanna said, on October 23, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    the pic is from a “coffee talk” over memorial day weekend.
    hangin’ out at PU & talking to all the geniuses was one of my favorite sunday afternoon activities.
    & now super excited for sundays at FA!

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